GPitiner Enterprise Service Management

With its broad functionality and customizability, GPitiner ensures the efficient and transparent operation of enterprise internal divisions.

GPitiner IT Service Management

The GPitiner service management system was designed according to the recommendations of the ITIL V3. The system makes it possible for companies to operate IT services that are effectively plannable and their results measurable, both for internal IT divisions and IT service providers.

The key to a digitalized organization

Digitalize your organization with the help of the GPitiner service management system which makes it possible to achieve a paper-free, process driven operation.

Key clients

Digitalized Enterprise Service Management

GPitiner can manage any number of different services in one integrated solution. This way on top of IT, the services of other internal divisions, such as HR, law departments or customer support divisions can also be controlled and tracked from one place.

Employees can manage their tasks concerning different departments from one integrated dashboard. Different service providers operate under different SLAs and have their own, custom workflows and CMDB.

The pre-defined workflows include the required authorization processes and ensure efficient and transparent operation in all areas.

Process planning and automatic task assignment

Service catalog, SLA and Supplier management

Integrated timesheet functionality

User role and individual system access management


Centralised access right database

Queries and audit functionality

The merits of professional IT Service Management



By introducing professional process design and a detailed service catalog the work of the organization becomes easy to plan


The system tracks every change, action, and event and provides timesheet registration functionality for employees

Cost saving

GPitiner helps to tap organizational resources through rationalising and tracking internal processes

Total customisability

All the main functionalities of the GPitiner tool can be controlled through setup parameters, which provides immense freedom for customization. However, in case the system does not possess functionalities crucial for your organization, GPIT, the licence owner and developer of GPitiner is open to discuss and implement custom feature requests.

Who is it for?

Enterprise Internal Divisions

The GPitiner service management system helps making the processes and operation of enterprise internal divisions efficient and measurable

IT Service Providers

The GPitiner tool makes it possible to track clients, services, and related tasks in one place in a transparent and structured manner

Free consultation

Our experts have over 15 years of experience in ITIL IT Service Management. During free consultancy sessions we assess your current service management software and provide you with all the information you need for setting up GPitiner for your company.