GPitiner Access Management module

GPitiner’s Access Management module includes features for managing user roles, access levels, and authorization requests and processes. The system also has sophisticated audit functionalities.

The Access Management module can operate as a standalone service, but it can also be integrated with existing cloud-based or locally installed GPitiner Service Management instances.

Why is professional Access Management important?

  • It improves information security through transparent and failsafe access management
  • It reduces costs and increases efficiency by automating authorization and access processes
  • Maintains a central database of every access right of every employee for every system
  • Helps in meeting business requirements faster
  • A self-service system can reduce the workload of the IT division
  • Includes robust and easy-to-use audit functionalities

Managing user roles and individual access rights

The GPitiner Access Management module supports user role definition and the assignment of roles to employees of the organization. It also provides functionalities to grant custom access rights to individual users.

Central access database

The system maintains a central access database that can be queried for access rights of all employees for any given date or time period.

Queries and audits

The built-in audit functionality of the GPitiner Access Management module makes it possible to monitor discrepancies between the definition and actual setup of user roles and to compare access rights saved in the access database and those configured in the relevant systems. It also helps with revising existing access rights and detecting possible anomalies.

Automatic authorization and Active Directory integration

Custom workflows and automatisms can be created for handling certain access requests, suspension, reactivation, and other recurring tasks. At the end of the authorization process, access rights can be set up automatically or manually by the administrator. The GPitiner Access Management module can perform automatic configurations in the Active Directory.

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